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You can’t put it down!
“Is it too much of a pun to say I was spellbound by this book? Amazing and I honestly loved it. You oh so love the good guys and can’t wait for the bad guys to get their comeuppance. I have to read it again, I read it so fast to find out the ending. Now I want to take it slow and just absorb it! Start reading this in the morning unless you want to be up all night, you just can’t put it down!!” From Khrystja Amazon US

Witches, Vampires and more (AWESOMENESS)
“Spellbound is very captivating. I loved this book all the way to the end! Spellbound by far for me is one of the best books I have read in a long time! This is a page turner…I’m ready for book 2!!! There has to be a sequel!!! I recommend this book highly!!!” From littlekitty2002us Amazon US

Oh My God!
“Book #2 please!!! From beginning to end it was awesome! A must read for fantasy lovers. Spells, witches, vampires and ghosts! We simply must have a second book, too many loose ends to stop now! It was awesome!” From Cynthia M. Amazon US

“Loved it so much I got a tattoo!!”

untitled2Sandra van Stigt via Facebook

4 Stars!
First Star: Avoiding Exposition– Given all of the details that were crammed into this book regarding witches, their aging process, how the magic worked, and the considerable history of the characters I was really impressed with Shannon and her ability to avoid the curse of exposition. There were a lot of buried mysteries within this book and each one that the main character followed revealed a little more about the world without Ashlie ever sitting down with Ye’Olde Book of Witches to tell us all about it. Easy star here.
Second Star: Characterization– I am a big fan of some of the older shows like Charmed and Bewitched, which I started watching for the magic and finished watching for the heartwarming, and heart wrenching, family moments. Shannon has done an excellent job here tugging at my heart strings, no more so than the main character’s best friend Stephenie, a ghost bound to the house that Ashlie lives in. Stephenie’s powers seem like a cruel trick as she hears everything with her telepathy, even the unspoken cruelties Ashlie never intended to say aloud. Another easy star here, and no I am not crying. Honest.
Third Star: Concept– I have said it before and I will say it again, that trying to come up with something unique in fantasy without being unique for the sake of it is difficult. Spellbound doesn’t tread any new ground in terms of fantasy, but I feel like this was done on purpose by the order. The advantage in this is that these familiar elements distract less from the journey of the main characters and open the book up to a wider audience. What I will mention is I love the inclusion of the awkward side-effects of slow-aging. Rather than ignoring it there are some amusing moments where the main character describes looking the approximate age of a toddler for almost a decade, points for inclusion.
Fourth Star: Plot– Ah, this is the moment where this book really shines. I love the mystery elements of the book as the character tries to uncover the mysteries of the place she’s arrived in, this strange boy that has her all a flutter, and indeed the mysteries of her own long life. The longevity that Shannon has given her main character works perfectly here as it allows elements of Ashlie’s own life to reappear even after all these years and be woven into the story with ease. It takes sneaky author to get me reading romance willingly, but Shannon impressed me all the way with this plot. Another star easily.
Fifth Star: Technical Ability-It goes without saying at this point that the books produced by Words Matter Publishing are of an excellent quality, right up to the gorgeous cover for this book. As for Shannon’s own abilities they have really impressed me right through this book. It felt like every little detail, no matter how small, always ended up being important and impacting the book further down the road. I love it, it was awesome, job done. And there you have it, four stars well earned…
From Marc Townsend via Facebook