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The Spellbound Saga: Enchanted

I didn’t want this life. I was content being a witch.

When I fell in love with Aidan I told him I didn’t want

to be like him; a vampire. I was dying. To save me he did

what he had to do. Life as a vampire has to be

better than no life at all. Right?

For nearly 190 years Ashlie Belle lived as a witch. She planned to do the same for the next 310. Then she fell in love with vampire, Aidan Crane. As she took her last breath, he bit her. Will she be able to forgive him for betraying her?

Stephenie, Ashlie’s ghost best friend, has been stuck in their home, Mystic Manor for nearly twenty years. She watches the world change from the widows peak, longing to explore the way she did when she was alive. Seconds before Ashlie died, she transferred her powers to Stephenie with an unexpected result.

How can Ashlie fulfill the prophecy her resurrected mother entrusted Alexander the Great with and protect her new found family from the danger in the woods while spending her days in a coffin? Can Ashlie adapt to her new life before it’s too late?