img_1266Always is a labor of love for me. It took sixteen years for me to write it. I would work on it and then put it away, then pull it out and try again. During this time I wrote Spellbound. A few years ago I decided t completely rewrite Always from a different perspective. I love the end result. Even though I now how the story goes, I still get emotional reading it. This book is very special to me. It is longer than most forbidden romance novels, but had to be in order to get all of the story.


The Spellbound Saga: Enchanted

img_1298Enchanted, the first sequel to Spellbound, will be available before the end of 2020. You will get to know more about Stephenie and see things from her perspective some. This book isn’t just from Ashlie’s point of view. A lot happened since Aidan and Stephenie’s betrayal at the end of Spellbound. Can Ashlie forgive them? What kind of life will she have now?

A new character will cause Stephenie’s heart to take a tumble, but will he fall for our resident ghost? Will Ericka and Cayden make it? Who are the gold-eyed people living in the cabin in the woods? These questions will be addressed in Enchanted and more questions will arise. Don’t miss out on what happens next with this unusual family. Ashlie has a prophecy to solve and time is running out. e9de6dea-fbab-44f8-b5b4-caafb20add9e

The Review

img_1286In between writing, I have my own TV show on WMP TV on Roku, Amazon Firestick and YouTube. On The Review I take on popular authors, such as Stephenie Meyer and Veronica Roth, but also do live reviews with authors. This is the only show of this kind, where the author gets their review live on camera. I don’t hold back.

58/65Let’s be honest, I love vampires. I have for most of my life, so of course I red Twilight. I love it like a fat kid loves cake (hey, I’m fat so I can say that.) And yes I have ordered Midnight Sun and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I will be reading it the minute I get it and then doing a review of it on the show. Will I hold back because of how much I love the series? No! I have been waiting for Stephenie to finish this book for over ten years, but that doesn’t mean I will be holding back when I review it. I didn’t hold back when I did the review on the Twilight Saga. It had some issues and I was quick to point them out. I will do the same for Midnight Sun. I look for particular categories when I read a book. If the book doesn’t cut it in those categories it gets a low rating. I break it down into five categories- Cover Design, Concept, Plot/Subplot, Character Development and Entertainment Level. I rate each category 1-5 stars then give the book an overall rating.

If you know of a series or book you’d like for me to review, please reach out to me and let me know. I am happy to review most anything. If you are an author and would like to have your book reviewed on the show, contact me. I can be reached on here or on Twitter at @shaspellbound or email me at


My Story

My Story

IMG_E9811[1]I grew up in a small town, aptly named Townville. It’s one of those towns that if you blink as you drive through, you missed it. There are more cows than people. I lived a stones throw from my grandmother, great uncle and an aunt. Being the middle child, I enjoy my own company. I began writing stories about my friends and I when I was 13. Within my stories, I escaped my small town and lived out one crazy adventure after another. As the years past my stories got bigger and more outlandish. Being a private person, I was hesitant to share them with anyone, except my small group of friends. Eventually, I shared them with my mother. I knew if I could make her cry, I had a good story. There came a point where I stopped sharing them with anyone. With encouragement from a special friend, I took a chance and entered a story in a contest with Words Matter Publishing. I won! My first book, Spellbound, will be out this month.

You may not write well everyday, but you can always edit a bad page.  You can’t edit a blank page.  –  Jodi Picoult