The Spellbound Saga: Enchanted

img_1298Enchanted, the first sequel to Spellbound, will be available before the end of 2020. You will get to know more about Stephenie and see things from her perspective some. This book isn’t just from Ashlie’s point of view. A lot happened since Aidan and Stephenie’s betrayal at the end of Spellbound. Can Ashlie forgive them? What kind of life will she have now?

A new character will cause Stephenie’s heart to take a tumble, but will he fall for our resident ghost? Will Ericka and Cayden make it? Who are the gold-eyed people living in the cabin in the woods? These questions will be addressed in Enchanted and more questions will arise. Don’t miss out on what happens next with this unusual family. Ashlie has a prophecy to solve and time is running out. e9de6dea-fbab-44f8-b5b4-caafb20add9e

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