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Welcome to my website! Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m an author, well duh! You obviously already know that. Why else would you be on my website? I was born and raised in a very small town aptly named Townville. Not to be confused with Townsville where the Powerpuff Girls lived. Townville is one of those little towns that you will miss as you drive through if you blink. There are no red lights and barely any stop signs. If I had to take a guess, I’d say the people are outnumbered by the cows and chickens. When I was growing up I wanted to escape as quick as possible. We moved to Greenville, South Carolina when my sister had my niece. City life wasn’t for me. The only plus was having Walmart less than five minutes away. When my niece was ten we moved back to Townville. We live in our own little family community. My grandmother lived less than a block behind my house before she died and my aunt and great uncle live less than half a mile away. Pastures surround us on all sides. Yes it smells horribly sometimes!

Enough about my childhood, though I’m sure at some point it’ll come back up. I love to read! My aunt would give us book gift cards as we were growing up. I loved going to a bookstore and finding my next adventure. This was in the time before there was an Amazon! Shocking, I know, that I am that old. I even remember when their was no such thing as Walmart! The HORROR! Anyway, when I was thirteen, I started my first job; cleaning my aunt’s two story Victorian. She loves books too. She worked third as a nurse and before coming home she’d swing by the bookstore and come home with two huge bags of books. Part of my job was to take the books she’d read upstairs to the room I called the book room. Sadly it couldn’t be called a library as there were no shelves just stacks of books. I picked up a Harlequin Romance novel by Carole Mortimer; Engaged to Jarod Stone. The back sounded interesting and I was at that age where boys were no longer yucky. Before my mother would let me read it, she had to make sure there was nothing my delicate eyes couldn’t see. Once I had the go ahead, I read it in a day. I loved it! The next weekend I was cleaning, I picked up a few more books by the same author. I loved them. I began to think about becoming an author.

Up to this point I’d thought I wanted to be a teacher. It was around my teenage years, I realized two things. One I don’t have the patience to be a teacher and two, I could write my own story. My first attempt at writing was with some of my friends. We would take turns writing different parts of the story. It was what these days would be called Fanfiction. It was a little story about myself and my friends with our celebrity crushes from the soap opera, Days of Our Lives. Some of my friends were a little more detailed in certain scenes than my mother thought inappropriate at our age. That story ended up in the shredder. I wasn’t about to let that stop me. My next attempt was written just by me. It was about me and two of my friends staying overnight in a haunted house with our celebrity crushes. I mean come on, who hasn’t fantasized about themselves and a hot celebrity at least once in their lives? That story was less than ten pages hand written. I began to write more and more changing up the celebrity as our likes changed. When I first started writing I was doing good to come up with ten pages. Now I’m lucky if I can stop at two hundred.

As you can see, I am long winded. Instead of going on and on here, I will shut up and let you explore the rest of my site. You’ll discover how I became the author I am today as you go through the links. I’m so happy you decided to join me on this crazy adventure I call life. Hopefully you’ll enjoy yourself along the way.

When you’ve gotten through all these links and my new blog posts I’m going to attempt, feel free to contact me. I love hearing what my readers think. That’s why I write, to touch the lives of those who read my books in the way my life has been touched by the books I’ve read. That and if I don’t the stories will overpower me and I’d end up wearing one of those plain white jackets that lets you hug yourself.

Meet my little Daisy! She is so sweet and spoiled! She loves to play peek-a-boo!

With COVID, things have changed a lot as I’m sure you know. Book events are just beginning to start again. Once things are semi back to normal, okay lets be honest it was never normal, then I’ll be doing book signings. Until then reach out to me. I can’t wait to see ya’ll!!!


“You may not write well everyday, but you can always edit a bad page.  You can’t edit a blank page.”  –  Jodi Picoult

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